How To Add Xml Sitemap for Blogger | Add XML Sitemap In Google Search Console

How To Add Xml Sitemap in Blogger | Add XML Sitemap In Google Search Console

What is Sitemap?

A sitemap is a file where you give full detail information about the pages, blogs, website and another kind of data which is present on your site. Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo fetch this file which is currently on your website. A sitemap tells the crawler which records you believe are significant in your site. Like when the page was last modified, Published date, Content Updation frequency and any kind of redirections and change to version(HTTPS, HTTP, www) which is made on website or pages.

Why Sitemaps Are Needed?

Just imagine that your website is like a layout of your house. Your XML Sitemap would be an outline making it so simple for Google to easily crawl your data. Which gives an idea to the crawler that how much room is in your home and how many doors are there, Where they end and where is the starting entry. As this layout will make crawler to visit in each room and inspect the content/material present there.

There is no drawback of having a Sitemap and If you have added sitemap in your website or blog, it will definitely help you to boost your ranking. So if you have recently launched your blog/website then don’t forget to build a sitemap. Having sitemap can improve your appearance in search engines.

Sitemaps are much important if:

You have made some dynamic website or pages.
Your site is not well-structured or well-liked.
Your site has a few numbers of external links or newly launched website/blog.
Your site is old means you have lots of pages and posts.

Who need it?

If your website or blog is not properly linked, then the google crawler will unable to crawl most of your content. By adding a sitemap to your website give him total detail of blogs/pages/post present on your website. Which make it easier for the crawler to check each post serially without any mistake. If you have lots of data on your website then it is necessary to have a sitemap on your website, so that Google will not miss the recent post to crawl.

Follow these Steps to add Sitemap.xml

Step 1: Visit the Sitemap Generation Site.
Step 2: Enter your website/blogger in the blank space to generate sitemap codes.
Step 3: Click Generate Sitemap and Copy the whole code.
Step 4: Open your blogger in Draft mode with proper authorization.
Step 5: Then open the setting tab. Then Search Preferences.
Step 6: Click Custom robots.txt, Then put the copied code there. Click Save.
Step 7: Open your blogger/website like the format below.

Congratulation now your blogger have a sitemap. Hope you like it. If you face any problem then please write here. I will ready to help.!!!

NOTE: Copy the code like the format below.
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /

How to Add XML Sitemap in Google Search Console?

If you have done the above steps in blogger a ,then only you can submit sitemap.xml in google search console.
To do this, first visit Google Search Console.

Here ,select the appropriate property ,whose sitemap.xml you want to submit or
Select your blogger whose sitemap you have created.

Then, select Sitemaps from Index Menu.

After selecting Sitemap, from index menu. Then click on Add a new sitemap.

Here paste your sitemap.xml url. Like and then submit.

Wait for some time, till google bolts read it.
Now you have successfully submitted your sitemap for blogpost in google search console.
If you have any problem submitting sitemap ,you can ask for help. If you want to know how to setup google analytics for blogger visit my blog.

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