Why should you have a custom domain name for a blogger?

  Why should you have a custom domain name for a blogger/ blogspot

Many bloggers like me also, have started blogging for free by making a blogger website or started other free domain websites like blogger/blogspot, wordpress, overblog.

Why do you need to buy a custom domain?

Many people who want to start blogging prefer to use Blogger to create content for blogging. The reasons are the same for everyone as they are free and you don't need any technical knowledge like coding Or development skills. You don't need to spend a single penny on starting your blog. The only requirement is a basic knowledge of HTML editing and linking your post internally.

Only problems with these free domains are that they are not much authentic, because free domains are also used for spamming.

The only thing is that these free domains have ended with .blogspot.com.
Free Blogspot/blogger domain: mysite.blogspot.com
Custom Domain: mysite.com ,mysite.in, mysite.info etc

If you want to get rid of it, you need to buy custom domains. Like .com .in .net .zyx .info and much more. You can get these domains from the range 99 rs to 999 for annual. The most popular site to buy the domain is GoDaddy. Most popular is to buy .com which can be ranked and get traffic from all over the world.

Easy Customization Options

We can easily create tags, labels and facilities to schedule our post, manage users (authors). If you have more than basic knowledge, you can easily optimize your site according to search engine optimization, to gain enormous traffic to your website. After posting some posts and waiting around a few months, you can apply to google AdSense for approval. If you get the approval, then the returns will be high.

But to get the google AdSense approval through free Blogspot domain is pretty tough as many bloggers with free domain got that approval. The only way to do it is high-quality content and engagement with their visitors, also by obeying the policies and terms and condition of AdSense. A free domain is less trustworthy than any custom domain.

Make an Impact on Your Visitors

If you have a free blogger website, and you have customized it professionally. But having a professional website is not enough. You have to grab a professional website which ensures your connection with visitors. If a user wants some information, make sure you accurately present that fact so that the user does not go to another website.

To achieve that kind of representation, you need to buy a custom domain. As custom domain remove other restrictions which you get from free blogger domain.

Name Which Only Matters

Just think of a situation, when you are using a free Blogspot domain for a purpose, and the name of your free domain is abcmedical.blogspot.com, Then Blogspot acts as a subdomain. Even your business name is suffixed with Blogspot. So to get rid of it. You need to buy a custom domain, which allows you to create a business name you want without any suffix name and you also have the right to choose the top-level domain like (dot).com, (dot).info, (dot).in, (dot).net . By choosing such a custom domain name, it will also be easy to read and recall.

Choice To Host Anywhere You Want

If you buy a domain, then you have the rights to create a subdomain of your choice. So that user can remember that this subdomain is part of this website. After buying a custom domain, you have the Power of hosting and hosting Power. With a custom domain, you have the right to choose where you want to host your website as many hosting services providers are more reliable when they are your choice.

Get your Attractive Email

When you have a custom domain, then you also have a choice to create a professional email which is related to your business. 
For Example:- name@abcmedical.com

One more reason to buy a custom domain is it protects all types of copyright and gives you better brand exposure in search engines also.

Want to buy a custom domain, these sites where you can find the best custom domain for your business or your passion. GoDaddy, Bluehost, NameCheap, HostGator.

If you have already bought the custom domain, then if need help to setup custom domain for blogger visit my blog.

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